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Operation flow and parameter setting method of left and right pendulum feeder

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Operation flow and parameter setting method of left and right pendulum feeder

Most stamping owners use manual feeder to feed, which is labor intensive, high in labor cost and dangerous. Once the operation is improper or the punch in the feeding machine is overworked, serious safety accidents will occur. Compared with the feeder, manual feeding has longer first feeding time and lower second feeding accuracy, which increases production time, reduces production efficiency and reduces blanking rate. Let's understand the operation flow and parameter setting method of the left and right pendulum feeder.

I. test screen:

1. Deflection forward rotation and deflection reverse button: refers to punching and deflecting feeder in manual state. Press these two keys to make the machine move left and right, but when using offset state, press whether to deflect button.
2. Manual stamping and manual cutting: refers to the manual control of punching machine and shearing machine, which is used to cut waste materials. If the diameter of the blanking plate is relatively large and the punch speed is relatively fast, the offset feeder can be used to control the punch, that is, after the partial swing and feeding are completed, a signal is given to the punch to start the punch.
3. Stamping mode Single punch press: It is mainly used for debugging equipment, and this button cannot be pressed during automatic operation of CNC offset feeder.
4. Start the punch after cutting: This button is mainly used to switch whether the feeder stops when the shearing machine cuts waste, and then start according to the set value of the start time after cutting.
Second, set the screen
Parameter setting: the diameter and deflection number of the offset circle, stamping time and shearing time of the feeder are generally set at about 0.5 seconds, which can be used. If the setting time is too long, press the punch press twice or shear the plate press twice. The cutting times are set to several circles after stamping, and the shearing machine can cut off the waste.
Third, the operation screen
1. Manual forward rotation and manual reverse rotation: refers to the offset feeder in manual state, which can feed or return and automatically fail.
2. In case of offset state, it can be used as an ordinary feeder, and the feeding length is the set value of the wafer diameter.
3. Counting switch: whether to use the counter to calculate the product output, and press the counting reset button.
4. After debugging, put the punching part feeder on one side of the starting position, punch the plate manually first, and then press the automatic start button, and the machine will start automatic shifting and feeding. If the swing machine needs to stop, please press the automatic stop button instead of manually switching, or you must proofread it again.

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